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What is Albentosa Technical Football School?

Albentosa Technical Football School is a specialized training academy founded by Raúl Albentosa, aimed at providing comprehensive football coaching for young athletes. The school focuses on skill development, character building, and fostering a love for the game.

Who is Raúl Albentosa?

Raúl Albentosa is a former professional footballer with an extensive career in top-level leagues and clubs. He has played as a defender for teams such as Elche, Eibar, Málaga, Deportivo de La Coruña, and more. He is also the founder of Albentosa Technical Football School. Now he plays as a defender and is captajn on a Danish team, Vejle Boldklub.

What age groups does the school cater to?

The school offers coaching programs for a range of age groups, starting from young children to teenagers. Specific age categories and training curricula may vary based on the needs and developmental stages of the players.

How can I register my child in Albentosa Technical Football School?

The registration, including registration processes, fees, and program availability, can be found on the school’s official website or by contacting their administration directly.

Are there any opportunities for competitions and matches?

Yes, the school may provide opportunities for players to participate in friendly matches, local leagues, and potentially even regional or national tournaments, depending on the program and age group.

Is the school only for aspiring professional players?

No, the school welcomes players of all skill levels and aspirations. Whether a child is aiming to become a professional player or simply looking to enjoy and improve their football skills, they will find a supportive and enriching environment at Albentosa Technical Football School.

How is Raúl Albentosa involved in the school?

Raúl Albentosa is actively involved in the school as its founder and mentor. He brings his wealth of experience as a professional footballer to guide and inspire the young athletes. His insights, knowledge, and passion for the game contribute to the school’s unique approach.

How is the training structured?

The training is structured to provide a balanced blend of technical skill development, tactical awareness, fitness training, and mental preparation. Training sessions may include drills, scrimmage matches, individual coaching, and team-building exercises. enriching environment at Albentosa Technical Football School.

What makes Albentosa Technical Football School unique?

The school’s unique combination of professional expertise, character development, and a genuine passion for the sport sets it apart. With Raúl Albentosa’s personal involvement, the school offers a chance for young players to learn from a seasoned football professional and grow both as athletes and individuals.

Want to Join Albentosa’s TFS?

Welcome to Albentosa’s technical football training school! If you’re a football enthusiast and fascinated by the art of defending with mastery, you’ve come to the right place. In this entry, we’ll delve into the world of aerial play, one of the distinctive skills of this outstanding center-back.

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